Buy Finely Reproduced Paintings of Greatest Modern Artists Online at Galerie Dada

Paintings provide a great insight into the culture and mentality of times. Most people like to see and decorate their offices, homes with these oil paintings, which convey a message about the despair and the reasons of happiness in those times. Great painters of last century such as Picasso and Joan Miro reproductions are sold these days cheaply on road sides but these paintings like reproduction paintings are mere print copies of the great art. The paintings of these artists hold great regard in people’s mind and to commemorate such art, Galerie Dada reproduces paintings of the greatest of artists with oil paint on the canvas.

Galerie Dada was a gallery in Zurich, Switzerland in 1921 which was opened to exhibit the work of the famous dada movement artists. The gallery was later shut down in its early years. Dada movement is remembered as the beginning of 20th century modern art and to commemorate the movement a website with the name of Galerie Dada was started to celebrate the art of these great modern artists and to spread their work around the globe.

Galerie Dada employs the best and the most skillful artists of current times to make sure that each Georgia O’Keeffe reproduction painting and paintings of other artists are worth remembering. The artists working for Galerie Dada use the highest quality of oil paints and have studied the art of reproducing paintings from detailed art books in order to reproduce each painting with the closest possible detail to its original.

Galerie Dada offers its range of reproduced paintings from as low as $179. They provide hand-made paintings. The artists use Windsor & Newton oil paints for best quality paintings. Each Van Gogh reproduction or reproduction of paintings of other famed artists takes 2-3 weeks of time for optimum quality reproduction.

Galerie Dada makes oil paintings on demand and has a catalogue of over 4000 paintings on its website to choose from. The company has mastered the art of reproducing the paintings of great artists and has been immensely lauded by its customers for providing such detailing and dedication in their work.

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